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10:09 p.m. - 2019-09-02
I want a strong lover with a good heart
My boo use to light up like the sky when we would talk about living together and our future (:

Now almost two years later he acting devious and dragging me along for this ride of uncertainty and confusion.

He makes me upset but I cannot force him to want me and love me the way I want him and love him. The one thing I can do and control is not to let him only use me for his amusement. I’m more then just a toy for an old man, I deserve loyalty and love. I deserve commitment and emotion In my life. I deserve words of encouragement and engagement in my/our growth.

Don’t give me no fucking half loving! I want true love , no half hearted shit! If u with me , be with me!
Don’t be a coward...
don’t be a coward.



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